art brushes7 local artists chose one of the original Group of 7 painters to honour with an artwork in 7 days and to mark the Centennial of the first Group of 7 exhibition on May 7, 1920. Grey Gallery on 2nd Ave in Owen Sound, will host the exhibition on May 7 in their window facing the street.

We paint in isolation while sharing our process and thoughts on Instagram @groupof7centennial

Over the next 7 days you will find artist profiles of the Group of 7 and of our 7 local artists participating, interviews, thoughts, links to Group of 7 and the centennial information, curriculum for teachers and homeschooling and more.

Jennifer Hicks of Grey Gallery is coordinating the project, and is participating as one of the 7 local artists. We are hopeful that you will follow us on Instagram, follow Grey Gallery on FB and Insta @ggowensound, share widely and support local artists as we create new ways to honour Canadian art history while making our own marks on canvas and supporting one another in new ways during this time of isolation. 

source: media release