The City of Owen Sound Public Works Department has begun regular seasonal Winter Control Operations which will be in effect until mid-April.
Owen Sound prides itself on providing a high level of service during Winter Control that meets or exceeds the provincial minimum maintenance standards which require that roads and sidewalks be plowed and either salted or sanded, within specific timelines, depending on the road class. 

Severe winter weather conditions may create situations where the city cannot meet those standards; in these situations, the city can declare a Significant Weather Event to advise the public.
Winter Control activities focus on the clearance of snow and treatment of ice on roads and sidewalks, and Public Works also clears the accumulated snow from the downtown core several times per winter, as needed.
Please visit the City of Owen Sound’s website for more detailed information relating to Winter Maintenance.

Quick Facts:
§  Owen Sound has 282 lane-kilometres of roadway to maintain.

§  Public Works staff work 24/7 on three shifts throughout winter control to ensure public safety.

§  The City has made successful efforts within recent years to reduce salt usage on City streets for environmental and economic reasons, while still maintaining and exceeding the standards.

§  The City runs a “lean” fleet including plows, sidewalk plows, and graders, etc. with no spare equipment. Breakdowns are minimized with extensive preventative maintenance, and when they do occur they are addressed quickly by City mechanics.

§  Out of 41 Ontario cities and towns, Owen Sound receives the most snow annually; 130 inches.  Certainly by far the most in Southwestern Ontario.

§  For the safety of everyone, the City of Owen Sound would also like to remind the community not to push snow from their driveways onto the road.

§  If a severe storm event occurs which is declared a “Significant Weather Event” in accordance with Provincial regulations. If you must go out, please take every precaution and adjust your driving behaviour. Never drive on a closed road.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound