By Hub Staff

Ian Boddy, a one-term Owen Sound city councillor, lawyer and chair of the city's economic development commission, is running for mayor.

Boddy's entry into the race upsets what had been a relatively staid contest so far between incumbent Deb Haswell and former two-term mayor Ruth Lovell Stanners.

"When I ran for election to the City Council in 2010, I pledged to make every decision in the long term best interest of the city and the citizens of Owen Sound, based on all of the information available, even though some of those decisions may not be the most popular," Boddy said in a news release. "I remain committed to that principal and I have proven myself to be able to make hard choices under pressure."

Boddy said he believes Owen Sound and the next council must "change how things are done and how they communicate with the larger community."

During his single term on council, Boddy has developed a reputation as a fiscal conservative. He's also known to be unhappy with the way council has managed key issues in recent times, including transit.

"Consensus building with the rest of council, other community groups within our city, and with neighbouring municipalities will be my primary objective as Mayor of Owen Sound," Boddy said in announcing his candidacy. "New councilors will be elected with new ideas. For the City to prosper, all ideas must be considered."

The candidate cited "tough challenges due to slow growth, increased costs, and shrinking revenues." He cited frustration with "lack of leadership" in recent years, and said he believes the city must take some "long-delayed" decisions to make its services more efficient, and also sustainable.

"I believe I can be a mayor who can who make this happen. A mayor who is frugal and pragmatic but has the courage to make tough decisions. A mayor who is organized, prepared, listens, learns, thinks and takes action. The time has come for a new leadership style in this city," Boddy said.

Boddy said he "has the skills, the organization ability, and a vision to move Owen Sound forward," adding that He "wants to talk to Owen Sounders during the campaign about what is needed to confront the challenges ahead and how everyone can be a part of this process."

Boddy was born and raised in Owen Sound, he noted in the news release. He has also practiced law locally for the past 22 years and has been active in many community causes over the years.

Boddy gave a lengthy interview Tuesday morning with Bayshore Broadcasting, That interview can be found here.