I was appalled and disgusted when I read the recent article regarding the Town of South Bruce Peninsula’s plans to “re-contour the dunes” and install a concrete retaining wall. The audacity to even consider doing this is beyond my belief!

A long court challenge has already found the town guilty of two counts of damaging plover habitat, contrary to the Endangered Species Act, through its beach maintenance work in 2017. The judge ordered a payment of $100,000 to Birds Canada by the town, a mere slap on the hand. The town is now in the process of appealing that decision.

The problem is not in the parking, it’s in the leadership of the town. They have NO respect for the REAL assets of Sauble – the unique beach ecosystem.
It’s time we stepped up to help the dunes and the beach. It’s called the civil-resistance theory, also known as PEOPLE POWER – where citizens, working together, challenge policies and actions.

We each need to contact Jeff Yurek, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, your MPP , and if you are a taxpaying citizen in the Town of South Bruce Peninsula – Mayor Jackson and council members.
This destruction needs to stop, but WE all need to DIG in and do our part! Time is imperative.

Hon. Jeff Yurek - Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks - [email protected] 1-800-565-4923

Bill Walker, MPP, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, [email protected] 519 371 2421

Lisa Thompson, MPP, Huron-Bruce, [email protected] 519-396-3007

Janice Jackson, Mayor, Town of South Bruce Peninsula,  [email protected] 519-534-1400 Ext 200

Jay Kirkland, Councillor, Town of South Bruce Peninsula, [email protected] 519-534-1400 Ext 201

Kathy Durst , Councillor [email protected] 519-534-1400 Ext 203

Paul McKenzie, Councillor, [email protected]  519-534-1400 Ext 204

Terry Bell, Councillor, [email protected]  519-534-1400 Ext 202

Donna Mitchell