Stoney Orchard ParkDear Owen Sound council,

In the past month, I have walked the trails of Stoney Orchard Park four times, socially distancing with a few friends. We have all been astounded by this beautiful park with mature trees, birds, owls, deer and other creatures. Most of us had never heard of it until we saw the city was considering selling it to a developer. (Hint to publicize it better – it’s not just for the people that live 500 metres from the park, it’s a community park).

Visiting Stoney Orchard Park is now part of my weekly routine. I drive there from downtown because it’s too far for me to bike or walk. As a senior, I can easily walk the trails with members of my family and friends, including those who are immune compromised and need flat areas where they can be sheltered in shade. It is a beautiful sanctuary.

I won’t repeat the concerns of many Owen Sounders, because they have been well explained. I hope you have already taken them into account and decided this precedent setting sale would not benefit Owen Sounders nor the flora or fauna dependent on these woods for their life.

Nor will I reiterate the environmental benefits of forests in the mitigation of climate change. Others are doing that. And others have pointed out there are many other areas that can be developed.

All I want to say is please, do not sell this land. It would be a tragic and even irresponsible decision that there is no coming back from.


Liz Zetlin
Owen Sound