bird box 1Members of the Owen Sound based Outdoors Adventures club recently installed several nesting boxes around the perimeter of a storm-water retention pond site located in the City’s industrial park near the animal control facility.

Club president, Arnie Clark said the boxes, although late for this year’s nesting, are now in place to welcome the return of migrating cavity nesting birds next spring. “The boxes are very attractive to species such as tree swallows,so we expect that will be the species we see occupying the structures,” he said.

bird box 2Clark added that the OA group was thankful to see the City’s response on a request to allow bird box installations. “Much of our bird conservation work takes place in rural settings, so it was nice to see a positive response from City Hall to allow a conservation project within Owen Sound,” said Clark. “Dennis Kefalas, Director of Public Works and Engineering, was very supportive, and in fact, suggested we expand the nest box program to another City site.“ 

Clark also noted that the site of the nesting boxes is a local undiscovered birding hotspot. “A diversity of birds including various species of waterfowl, shorebirds, geese and gulls, can be observed at the site,” he stated.

source: media release, Outdoors Adventures