TOMportalThe Tom Thomson Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the launch of its Digital Portal. This digital portal is a free all-access location for The TOM's online programming. This portal hosts virtual tours of exhibitions, education activities, and much more, allowing people to "visit" The TOM from home.

gasheadwillyGas Head Willy, a fast-paced (and fictional) detective novel about Owen Sound’s prohibition-era boozers, bootleggers and brawlers is brought to life again January 20th at 7:00 pm till February 3rd 11:59 pm. Back in 2017, this live radio-style broadcast,  included onstage foley artists creating non-stop sound effects. Now, as part of the Roxy at Home series, you can stream it in the comfort of your own home. ...

paint brushesWith the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown keeping everyone at home, the Georgian Bay Centre for the Arts (GBarts) has started a new initiative to address the physical and mental health of local residents.

Welcome Craft Dinners! Each week a new menu of delicious home-cooked meals will be posted online, for curbside pick-up on ...

marjeryfrischMargery Frisch, a local writer, has published her first novel – Caught Up – a story that takes place 35 kilometres off the coast of Maine. Having once taught in a one-room school house on a Maine island, Frisch has drawn from that experience to tell a story with the past and present juxtaposed against each other.

Sarah Jacobs, in an effort to write about ...

knechtelThat Show Studios Presents “The Slim Buck Two Country and Western Special Christmas Show” starring Richard Knechtel as Slim and featuring a cameo appearance from Bob Menzies. The show is a combination of old classic and original seasonal songs intermingled with comedy sketches.



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