waleedcityhall- by Waleed Aslam

In recent days the City of Owen Sound's latest promotional campaign billing Owen Sound as the Work from Home Capital of Canada has garnered a lot of attention locally and from our big city neighbours in the south. Here's my humble take on that endeavour.

I would like to begin by thanking the City of Owen Sound for featuring ...

team spirit- James Scongack, Executive-Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Operational Services at Bruce Power

It’s been almost once year since Bruce Power hosted the first of what would become a series of Virtual Town Halls which included public health and health-care officials in Grey and Bruce counties providing the latest information on the ...

orangecrates- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Some local photographers' pictures have shown up in Toronto in ads for Owen Sound without the artists' permission (an error now rectified) and we thought  it was time for a reminder about copyright.

Creators own the rights to the work they create. Period. They can sell the rights to their work, they can even give them away, but only the creator can do that.

soy tractor 400x300- by Tibor Csincsa

This article is in response to ‘Agriculture visions collide in Africa,’

Declaring the modern ‘American way’ approach to agriculture science-based and suggesting other traditional methods, especially European, are something less than that, is a shallow statement at best and, at worst, ignorant.

brucetrailclosed- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

Humans are a social species of animal that depends on co-operation with others for our most basic needs and greatest achievements. As interdepent as we are, our deep capacity for selfishness seems counter-intuitive.

It's not new to this past year, but it certainly seems that the pandemic and ...


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