shavingbrush- by Richard Thomas

As the organizer of the Beards for Bucks Shave Off, the ultimate responsibility for the day is mine.

There's been criticism of the event based on pictures that have seen in the media. These photos were staged, and are not representative of the overall organization of the event.

editors hat- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Publisher and Editor, OwenSoundHub.org

Thank you to all those who donated to the Owen Sound Hospital Foundation's Critical Response Fund: COVID-19 over the weekend. Reportedly over $8000 was raised in the Beards for Bucks event at the Georgian Bay Centre for the Arts.

I too was surprised that a stylist did the shave-off, as I knew that Phase Two restrictions clearly states "No services. . .

property tax- David Clark

A house in Toronto, valued at $812,000 (real estate sale) paid $2,986 in property taxes (2019). Another, sold for $2.8 million (assessed value $1.67 million), paid $9,681. Another, a semi-detached in my childhood neighbourhood (Scarborough), is assessed for $799,990 paid...

one worldThe harsh reality we face is that we have a window of opportunity to mitigate the potential catastrophic consequences of climate change that confront our children, our grandchildren and many generations to come.

The climate change crisis is real. It impacts us all every day. According to the World Health Organization, more than seven...




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