homelessBrockton- by Eric Coleman

On September 20, Brockton Municipal Council received a presentation from employees of Grey and Bruce Counties, as well as the YMCA, on the issue of homelessness. Following the presentation was a lengthy discussion on the issue. The agenda and video can be found here: What follows is my response on the issue and discussion.


bikelane2- by Bill Stobbe

As we head closer to a municipal election this fall, all prospective councillors and mayoral candidates should be putting forward their fresh ideas on how to make Owen Sound a better place to live and work. How can we make our streets and neighbourhoods safer? How can we attract more development and support our local businesses and industries? How can we market Owen Sound as the place where people want to relocate to and call home?

uparrowbargraph- By Jim Hutton

City expenses increased by $12.3 million or 30.7% between 2011 and 2020. This was well beyond the 18.3% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the same period. ...

E1210 emergency exit right arrow- by Jim Hutton 

This is the second article on the impact that high taxes have on everyone living in Owen Sound - property owners and renters alike. You can read the first article on this subject at www.OwenSoundTaxes.com or here

Owen Sound taxpayers are one of the highest taxed populations in Ontario ...


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