vaccination- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

On January 1, 2021 Grey Bruce Public Health reported that there were 41 cases of Covid-19 to date in health care workers “working in Grey Bruce”.

On February 26, the mass vaccination clinics were announced, capable of administering ...

Mayor and Council Owen Sound- by Gord Price

This is your current Owen Sound City Council. These people were 31 years younger when their predecessors signed binding lease agreements with airport investors. Now, they have exposed the city to a ...

cooksinking- by Phil Henderson

The inner harbour of "Victoria" was beautified a little bit last night with the removal of a (apparently very cheaply made) statue of James Cook.

Similar community leadership was shown in Winnipeg, where statues glorifying the British monarchy were ...

canadasshame- by Michael Craig

I am generally proud to live in Canada. We have as settlers - those who came centuries ago, and others who have been welcomed as recent immigrants - found, as a rule, safety and prosperity in a country that was carved out of a northern wilderness. We are to a great extent an urban nation that is proud of its


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