vacant property- by Diane Ferguson

The pandemic and politics to the south of us, have taken up most of the news for the past year, and rightly so. They’ve also provided the perfect cover for the selling off and rezoning of Ontario land at the sole discretion of Premier Ford. If there’s laws or zoning in the way, he’ll change them. Environmentally protected? No problem, we’re the government, we’ll change ...

AgnesProfile- by Kimberley Love

Happy International Women's Day!

On this day in 1922 – exactly 99 years ago – a determined young woman from South Grey took her seat for the first time in the Parliament of Canada.
By a stroke of remarkable coincidence, that day was already marked in many countries as International Women’s Day. In the early, tumultuous years of the 1900s, women were launching campaigns around the world ...

intersections- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

"100% of the commercial properties we own or manage are currently leased.
The longest time a commercial property under our control has stood vacant: 65 days.
Why are there so many vacant commercial properties downtown? Leasing them isn't a priority for their owners." - Tibbs Management

waleedcityhall- by Waleed Aslam

In recent days the City of Owen Sound's latest promotional campaign billing Owen Sound as the Work from Home Capital of Canada has garnered a lot of attention locally and from our big city neighbours in the south. Here's my humble take on that endeavour.

I would like to begin by thanking the City of Owen Sound for featuring ...


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