garden- by Phil McNichol

The surge in growth of home gardening and small-scale commercial gardening catering to a local market that began last year is continuing at an “unprecedented” rate for the 2021 growing season.

I can’t say I’ve polled every seed provider in ...

protestparliament- by Adela Bezemer-Cleverley

All politicians need to be held accountable no matter what party they represent.

A lot of my American friends are breathing a little easier now, sleeping a bit sounder, knowing that they no longer have a ...

legatefence- by David Clark

“Nobody wants to go through 2020 again. It’s been hard on everybody; it’s hard on mental health. But, if you didn’t have that factor then I would say the city had a pretty good year,” [Mayor Boddy] said (Emphasis added to original). (Owen Sound Sun Times, 1st January 2021)

It is bizarre that the mayor could, in his mind, and as key representative of the residents of Owen Sound, separate the significant impact of COVID-19 ...

davidbeisel - by David Beisel

I was lucky to join other healthcare workers in Ontario getting vaccinated this week against COVID-19. I’m so lucky to be protected for myself, my family, and most importantly my patients.

As a global community, we are so lucky ...

tentinwoods- by Leigh Bursey

As precarious housing options multiply across Ontario, and the cost of renting continues to outpace minimum wage, homelessness continues to explode. With the explosion of rural and remote homelessness across the province, so with it does a pandemic of futility. And while both prescription and street-level illicit drug use are at an all-time high, to simply write off homelessness as the result of poor decision-making is short-sighted.


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