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emergency switch fullDear Ontario Political Leaders,

I am deeply disturbed by the recent report from the Chief Coroner that 2,819 Ontarians died from opioid toxicity in 2021 (8 per day!). That’s up from 2,460 in 2020. We desperately need a coordinated provincial strategy to address this EMERGENCY. ...

myvoteSince before I was old enough to vote I was always advised that the best strategy, and sound political conscience, would have me vote for the candidate that I felt would best represent me.

In more than four decades I have always voted for the Liberal candidate, except for ...

flagsatgreycountyDear Editor,

We are writing today in response to recent incidents of hate symbols that have no place in our communities.

There is no place for hate or intolerance in Grey County. We denounce all symbols and actions that promote hate and disparage any members of our community. We believe all our residents and visitors have the right to feel safe and supported, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or any other differences. We wish to specifically address the use of the Confederate flag and its impact.

cattleDear Editor:

Re: Grey County Climate Change Report and Our Local Cattle Industry

Beef and dairy together comprise a serious economic driver throughout Grey and Bruce. Many of my best friends make their living in cattle or dairy. I personally enjoy a ribeye with my Kilannan IPA. I also note that much of our regional farmland ...


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