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covidtest2I'm a naturally optimistic and positive person, but I need to express my frustration in the ways our governments have dropped the ball in returning our children safely to school. To create such a stringent illness protocol, and not anticipate the massive increase in testing required is unacceptable.

My kids have been back in school for 3 weeks. Week 1 we had to get a covid test...

oldcourthouseDear Editor

Re: Owen Sound seeking public input regarding the old courthouse and jail

Surely this is...

house rentThe last time I wrote one of things, it was about how we really need a public inquiry into why so many COVID deaths have occurred in private long term care homes and how Premier Ford has short-circuited independent investigation. Four times more people have died in privately-run homes than those run...

landscapeDear Editor:

On the topic of development and protection of natural and wild spaces...


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