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golfdriverDear Editor,

Please find below a letter I sent to our MPP Mr. Bill Walker:

I write to you to voice concerns regarding the recent covid restrictions ...

light glareDear friends and neighbours,

Does Owen Sound need a specific bylaw regarding exterior lighting?

Right now we don't have one. Such a bylaw ...

doctorDear Editor,

I am well aware of your total commitment to accuracy, transparency and research in everything you write. It is for that reason I am writing to you today. I do not want to be the person who inadvertently would compromise that commitment by mistakenly ...

nurseppeAbout a month ago, I submitted a letter to the Board of Health of the Grey Bruce Health Unit, along with three others. To date, I have not received any answers to the questions posed in that letter.

As a reminder, here are some of the questions to which we ask the board to respond: ...

lightbulbTo some, it may seem as though I have been missing in action since signing my name to the infamous letter published in the Hub March 29, 2021 addressing the Board of Health and Dr. Arra. The opposite is true. I have been busy dealing with the aftermath of opening a stinky can of worms. And, I am even more committed to both understanding ...


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