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bedriddenDear Sir
With respect, I must make the following comments on this budget:

As I have pointed out in previous responses to all parties in Canada's parliament, the absolute, most burning issue we are facing as a country, as opposed to 10 different provinces, is ...

questionmarkpileContrary to what I’m reading in the paper, it’s not John Tamming undermining the Medical Officer of Health (MOH), but it is the Medical Officer of Health and its Board, undermining themselves.

The grossly over-compensated MOH, along with a trail of empty positions at our Public Health Unit, have demanded some serious questions be asked. ...

publichealth2021To the Editor,

Not everyone agrees with Grey County Council’s letter of support sent to Dr. Arra, as reported in the Sun Times Edition of April 13th, 2021. As tax payers, we don’t support the letter and we believe there are many other ...

listeningshoutingYes, I'm sounding off! 

 It happens that I find myself one of those on the outside of our current social intercourse who refuses to have anything to do with Facebook or Twitter. Enough that I'm addicted to Google ...


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