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dunemarkingsBased on this week’s debacle at Sauble Beach regarding the safety of parking, it is obviously time for a huge paradigm shift regarding daily parking at Sauble. Parking within feet of the beach seems to be an entitlement, but perhaps it is time for that thinking to change. A comprehensive parking/traffic strategy needs to be written before ...

santa presentUnder the cover of COVID, Christmas came early this year for the friends of Doug Ford.

The owners and directors of Long Term Home corporations (including Mike Harris) are off the hook for liability for their well-documented shoddy operations ...

redbaylodge??? are our last resort to save our small business. To save our dream, and with it, the heart of our small community.
A year ago we bought a lodge, investing not only in Bruce County but in our chance at the Canadian dream. That dream, the one we’ve put everything into is days from ending.

The commercial insurance industry has decided ...

cerbHello Mr Ruff

I own a small business in Owen Sound, a home based hair salon. I've been in business since 2014.

I received the CERB payment for 3 months (March, April, May) while the government told me I had to close my doors. I was not allowed to work. I am now being told I owe all of that $6000 back ...

firefightersIn the Dec. 2 Sun Times article covering the Municipality of Meaford’s deferral of the sale of their 25% equity interest in the Intertownship Fire Department, no reference was made to the primary reason why 6 Council members voted in favour of taking more time to ensure that the interests of those most impacted ...


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