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beachDear Editor:

I am writing to you because of my grave concern with the application by the Town of South Bruce Peninsula (TSBP) for Permit for activities to achieve an overall benefit to a species. This is just another way to say that they want to “enhance” piping plover habitat by...

stoney orchardTo Mayor, City Councilors, Manager of Parks, Manager of Planning

There is some misinformation circulating regarding the use of that portion of the parkland immediately north of the proposed 23rd Ave. E extension or what is usually referred to...

sauble securityMayor and Council:

Is this really the image you want to project of this Town? Security dressed in military style uniforms and bullet-proof vests, especially in this time of extreme unrest across the entire globe? And likely to fine visitors from out of town who...

optometristOntario's optometrists are launching an urgent appeal to the Ontario government to end the 30-year neglect in funding for eye care. This chronic underfunding, coupled with the devastating impact of COVID-19 on optometrists' ability to see patients, threatens Ontarians' access to these essential health...




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