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treesDear Editor,

We are at a crossroads when it comes to protecting ourselves and the futures of our children and grandchildren. The science is settled on Climate Change, but the kind of urgent collective action needed is not yet accelerating fast ...

wintryhouseThis afternoon, whille working at my temporary desk in the window of my mother-in-law's, I noticed that the snow plow on the street in front, 9th Street A East, was doing something peculiar. I opened the door to take a look and realized that he was very purposefully not plowing the usual lump of snow across the ends of the driveways.

There are quite a few seniors who live along this street ...

ordersSo...wondering if anyone knows someone who could create an app platform like Skip the Dishes or Door Dash, for local small businesses. Something that any town, city, municipality could use.

Delivery would be the second phase. ...

snowshoeingRe: A new pass to support Conservation, February 7, 2021

I live close to one Conservation area, and with the increase in number of active older adults living in this area, it is shocking to believe that authorities think washroom facilities ...

hibouwreckOn a cold, dark November night in 1936, the motorship called The Hibou sank in the frigid waters of Georgian Bay - just 3 miles from my hometown. There had been a crew of 17 on board. Only 10 survived.

The two survivors pictured here are ...


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