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watertreatmentcapeDear Editor:

Re: Mayor Michi's statement

Mayor Michi’s words were beyond the pale and resignation was the only option, given that a large part of any mayoral mandate in our region involves almost constant negotiations with each of our two First Nations. ...

GreyBrucePride logoComments made by provincial education minister Stephen Lecce reveal policy positions that infringe the human rights of Ontario's students, writes Grey Bruce Pride in an open letter to the minister ...

curryhousedinnerDear Editor:

I keep thinking – it's not enough.The community response to fundraising and the gatherings at city hall have been undeniably wonderful, but what more can a community do?

My thought is that to honour Sharif, something should be about food and learning ...

AlexRuffFeb2022To  those responsible and anyone who knows:

The City of Owen Sound along with the family and friends of Sharif Rahman, a beloved community member and owner of The Curry House, have struggled as they mourn Sharif’s senseless passing.

The greater community has come together in support of the Rahman family in a tremendous show of solidarity but Canada, and all of us, can do more ...

riverdistricrflowersDear Editor:

As a Bed and Breakfast, we have occasion to send our guests downtown for dinner almost every night of the year.

No one has EVER had a problem with safety issues. Of course, some have mentioned that they didn’t like seeing people doing drugs, or needles lying around, (which is definitely not OK!), but not one person has said that they have ever felt unsafe or been accosted by anyone ...


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