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Ms. Faith Leitch has read all the City environmental reports of the toxic materials on the old courthouse and jail site. The recommendation is that it be encapsulated (tarps, hazmat suits).

She has read over all the materials supplied by the new owner to the City. She has  attended two meetings with the City's  Planners and talked to two of the new owner's representatives.

This week she wrote and distributed a flyer to let people know that there would be a big change in the neighbourhood with the proposal to develop the old Courthouse and Jail into a large entertainment and event facility.

She hopes to make a 10-minute presentation at the beginning of the public meeting tomorrow before the vote on re-zoning, to express her concern, although she's not sure if it is worth the effort.

Ms. Leitch has asked us to publish the following letter:

I feel that I owe people an apology for saying that I would produce a petition.

The main issues that may cause concerns are parking – 60 per cent will be on-street – and noise that will violate the City's bylaws – no noise after 11:00 p.m. and prohibition of amplified sound at all times in a residential zone – in a business anticipated to operate into the wee hours of the morning.

I mistakenly thought the residents would like to know. We distributed the flyers as a preliminary action, including an email address that I spelled wrong, but I've created one to match afterwards for anyone interested in contacting me.

Our intent was to follow that up with a petition, conducted in person, to introduce myself and get input. If you were not interested or disagreed, you would be encouraged not to sign.

I got only one response. 

The straw that broke my back was the person that put the flyer on Facebook as an "Anonymous NIMBY note".

I didn't attach my name as it was just a preliminary move (and included an email address) to be followed by the petition where I would put forward my face.

As for the NIMBY comment, this facility is clamped to my side – literally.

I have lived with this property, as the former Provincial Maximum Security Jail, from 1987 to 2011, when it was closed.

If this proposal goes forward, our lives will change.

You will not be able to say that someone did not try to inform you.

There will be no petition.

Sincerely, Faith Leitch



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