city-notes-regBy Anne Finlay Stewart

Notes from the Council Chamber October 6, 2014

  • The first note was a musical one, as Sandy Stephenson of the Georgian Bay Symphony reported on their new season. With the retirement of long time Music Director John Barnum, this season's concerts will each be conducted by one of those short-listed to be his successor. The GBS received more than thirty applications for the Director's position, most of them from outside the province, the country and even this continent. More than 150 shrewd bargain-hunters have taken advantage of half-price seasons tickets for first time subscribers – but hurry – offer ends at the first symphony concert, October 18.

Construction-regOwen Sound, Ontario – Monday, October 6, 2014 – Building permits issued in September were valued at $425,000, according to Owen Sound Chief Building Official Kevin Hicks. The total value of construction to date is higher than in 2013.

The major projects issued permits in September were construction of an addition to Georgian Bay Fire & Safety, valued at $110,000; and one new single detached house.

TOM-regThe City of Owen Sound can move to create a Trust to take ownership of The Tom Thomson Gallery collection of 2,600 pieces with the condition that the collection can never sold, Mayor Deb Haswell said today.

"The Trust would be legally bound to keep the collection in Owen Sound in perpetuity," Mayor Haswell said.

"The Tom Thomson Gallery should be named as the permanent holder of the collection in trust, charged with its care and upkeep.

Water-regThe anti-fluoride plebiscite campaign in Owen Sound deserves respect, not derision, Mayor Deb Haswell said today.

"I am deeply disturbed by any disrespect shown to these citizens by municipal candidates, public officials or other citizens," Haswell said.

In 2007, a Scottish bioethics panel of experts concluded that local and regional democratic processes are the most appropriate way to decide whether to fluoridate, as there is evidence for and against" Haswell stated.

"In the past ten years, 41 communities in Canada have decided against fluoridation of tap water, including Orillia, Thunder Bay, Niagara Region and Calgary. Vancouver decided against the practice 50 years ago.


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