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Blog-regAn open letter to Mayor Bob Pringle;

Mayor Pringle, I expect you will be interested in having a quick look at my new blog at http://shininglightonchatsworth.wordpress.com/ .

You will see that the supporting information for this week's council meeting, which was sent to me on Monday by email, is available under the tab "Council Agenda Packages." This marks the first time that background information for a council meeting is generally available.


The Right Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson, Moderator of the United Church of Canada, will be speaking at Georgian Shores United Church in Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 3:00 PM. He will be participating in an open question and answer session with members of Northern Waters Presbytery. All are welcome.

Paterson was elected in 2012 as the spiritual leader of Canada's largest Protestant church. He is the first openly gay person in the world to become the head of any Christian mainline denomination.


It's Sunday morning, my house is quiet so no more excuses not to write this letter.. Simply put, Owen Sound's 10 St.Bridge is a disaster in the making.

I live on County Road 15, along the east shore of the harbour in the Municipality of Meaford, only a few hundred feet from Owen Sound. More specifically, Grey Road 15 becomes Third Ave.E. in Owen Sound. More significantly, it runs by the Owen Sound Fire Hall which is only four or five minutes from my home. The catch is that OSFD serves both the east and west sides of the harbor which also means it must cross west over the 10th St. bridge at times. However, The Inter-Township Fire Hall is on the west side of the habour and provides service for Georgian Bluffs and what once was Sydenham Township where I live. Thus, at times, it must proceed east over the 10th St. bridge.


I know a person who is a contributor to the Federal Conservative party who was and still is a loyal Progressive Conservative supporter. However, he has over the last few months become, in his own words "a disgruntled Federal Conservative". He said "the Harper government has strayed from the basic principles of the old Federal Progressive Conservative Party." "I am thoroughly disenchanted with the Harper Conservatives, especially with their constant use of American political tactics, the unending scandals and their use of attack ads in which half truths, and innuendo are rampant."


I feel like this shouldn't be an election issue, but it is because it's dragged on this long.

In the adjoining photo are my boys, handing out fliers for the petition to get BCK cleaned up. We first voiced our concerns in a written complaint in Aug 2013 and were promised a report on available enforcement actions at that time. In May 2014, my youngest got his foot tangled in some fence wire that was literally growing out of the ground right beside the sidewalk on 11th St W (he was fine, but that shouldn't have been there).


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