bwalker head regBruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker on Thursday's provincial budget:
"The numbers show in black and white that under Liberals, Ontario continues to be in deep fiscal trouble," said Walker.
He said he was concerned about the government's plan to sell significant public assets without addressing its spending addiction.
"It saddens me that they want to distract the public by talking about beer and yet the amount of taxpayer money required to finance just the interest on our debt increased by 5.7% while the healthcare budget increased by only 1.9%," said Walker.
The fact the government is counting on the one-time fire sale of Hydro One for extra revenue, as well as it's counting on Ontarians to drink more beer and pay higher beer taxes to finance their spending habit is a slippery slope.

apple-featTomorrow is the last day to offer your input into Bluewater District School Board's review of its Multi-Year Strategic Plan in a survey at
The current Strategic Plan was launched in January 2012 following "comprehensive consultation with stakeholders" and includes the following vision, mission and priorities:
Vision: "Preparing Our Students Today for the World of Tomorrow"
Mission: "We are a learning organization committed to providing a quality educational experience for every student in a safe and caring environment."
1. Ensure the well-being of students and staff in a supportive environment for teaching, learning and
2. Provide quality instruction and learning experiences in an equitable and inclusive environment
3. Encourage parent engagement
In June 2014, a fourth priority was established:
4. Be accountable for the responsible stewardship of resources
The survey includes a series of 10 questions regarding the vision, mission and priorities to determine whether or not the Multi-Year Strategic Plan still meets the needs of Bluewater District School Board. There is also a short video to welcome participants to the survey.

McLarenheadshot-featureBy Hub staff

"This is the wrong prescription for the country," said Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP candidate David McLaren after listening to Finance Minister Joe Oliver deliver his first federal budget.
"This government has put all its economic eggs in one basket – the oil sands – and those tax revenues have dropped," said McLaren in a telephone interview. "This political budget, with its tax credits and cuts for people the Conservatives hope will vote for them, takes even more money out of the coffers so that the government can no longer do what governments need to do." As an example, McLaren says that the government has sent Canadian troops into harm's way, but money that was previously budgeted as necessary for defence spending and veterans' services was not spent on their needs.
The government announced a budget surplus of $1.4 billion, achieved, says McLaren, by taking $2 billion out of the $3 million contingency fund, and selling General Motors stock purchased during the bail out at a loss.

KimLove-featureBruce-Grey-Owen Sound Liberal candidate Kimberly Love calls the Conservatives' federal budget "deeply cynical politics". During a phone interview, Love likened it to "selling the furniture and raiding the children's piggy banks and then expecting us to believe that these people are good money managers." She expressed surprise that the Conservatives persisted with an income-splitting plan at a cost to the government of $2 billion, "even over the protests of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty who recognized that it benefited only the wealthiest families and offered nothing to single parents or the working poor. This budget gives the most to those who need it the least."


Ottawa, ON – Today, the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance, presented the 2015 budget of the Federal Government in the House of Commons. Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, welcomes a balanced budget with many measures to support Canadians...


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