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padlock-chain-gate-768x768Today, the Liberal government voted down a school closure moratorium motion at Queen's Park despite the fact that as many as 600 schools across Ontario are facing the threat of being shut down.

The motion, introduced by the Progressive Conservatives, called for a province-wide moratorium so that the government can review and fix the guidelines that determine how schools are closed.

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker, who was part of today's debate, called the governing party's move to vote down the...

Walker2016Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker delivered yesterday the following Statement in the provincial Legislature in recognition of Black History Month.

"I rise to recognize Black History Month on behalf of my constituents in Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound. Black citizens have been part of Grey county since the first non-native settlers arrived in the northern Queen's Bush. Some of these early pioneers were born in Canada, while others had only recently escaped slavery in the upper south. As a northernmost refuge for the slaves fleeing the...

hqdefaultBill C-23 is an act respecting the pre-clearance of persons and goods in Canada and the United States. Before I speak on the specifics of the bill, I would like to provide a bit of history and context about how Bill C-23 came to be.

In 2011, then president Barack Obama and then prime minister Stephen Harper announced the United States-Canada joint declaration, "Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness". This declaration spoke of a shared approach to security in which both countries would work together to address threats within, at, and away from our borders.

Later that year, both governments released the "beyond the border action plan", which built upon the initial declaration and implemented many of the items included in the agreement.

It almost goes without saying in this House and across Canada that the United States is Canada's strongest ally and economic

file0001159645301Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says the Liberal government is downloading $2.1 million onto local taxpayers in Thunder Bay for closing two long-term care homes in that community. He now worries the same fate may hit other municipalities, such as Durham, who have been mandated to renovate long-term care beds.

"It's just not viable nor fair to stick local taxpayers with the bill for a service that is the responsibility of the provincial government," said Walker.

There are over 300 homes or 30,000 beds across Ontario that require renewal across Ontario. "Of those, about 100 homes are...

willieMr. Speaker,

Seven hours west of here in Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound,
Is beautiful Wiarton, proud to call my home town.

There's a famous groundhog named Wiarton Willie,
He comes out February 2nd, sunny or chilly.

He is not your regular, plain brown woodchuck,
A weather predictor, it's definitely not luck.

Drop by and see Willie, you'll be impressed,
Willie don't charge cash for access....


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