Salmon-feat232014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 23/08/2014

1. Ian MacGregor of Wiarton at 21:29:59 (6.890 Kgs./15.30 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
2. Doris Snyder of Hepworth at 21:27:23 (5.910 Kgs./13.12 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
3. Jerry Brick of Hanover at 20:01:12 (5.840 Kgs./12.96 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
4. Stephen James of Walkerton at 15:02:42 (5.180 Kgs./11.50 Lbs. Lake Trout)
5. Rob Howard of Desboro at 10:12:24 (4.340 Kgs./9.63 Lbs. Rainbow Trout

Salmon-feat222014 Salmon Spectacular Top Trout for 22/08/2014

1. Rod Stewart of Owen Sound at 13:32: 14 (4.790 Kgs./10.63 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
2. Pam Schaefer of Sturgen Falls at 10:42:59 (4.370 Kgs./9.70 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
3. Jim Couch of Owen Sound at 10:22:32 (4.280 Kgs./9.50 Lbs. Lake Trout)
4. Alfred Weber of Kitchener at 21:55:46 (4.180 Kgs./9.28 Lbs. Rainbow Trout)
5. William Hanna of Collingwood at 10:49:01 (4.040 Kgs./8.97 Lbs. Lake Trout)

By Doug Townsend

VARNEY, ONT- For many years, their names were the ones you had to beat each week, at the local speedways across Ontario. This past Friday night they came together at Full Throttle to race each other one more time.

attackblack-regThe Owen Sound Attack has released their 2014/2015 Training Camp Schedule below.

Rookie camp will take place on Monday and Tuesday, which will consist of a practice for each team as well as two scrimmage games. Main Camp will begin on Wednesday with a practice, before getting into full swing on Thursday and Friday.

ftrace-a-regBy Doug Townsend

Varney On - For years the high banks of Varney have been known as a "rubbing is racing" kind of place, where fenders get bent and tempers get the best of people. Now with the changes to Full Throttle, Owner Gord Bennett has brought to light just how good the racing can be.


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