knechtelThat Show Studios Presents “The Slim Buck Two Country and Western Special Christmas Show” starring Richard Knechtel as Slim and featuring a cameo appearance from Bob Menzies. The show is a combination of old classic and original seasonal songs intermingled with comedy sketches.


Roxy youth programThe Roxy Owen Sound Little Theatre today announced the launch of a new Roxy Youth Program. The youth program will consist of three pillars; Theatre Education, Theatre Camps and The Roxy Young Company.

The program will be run by the Roxy Youth Program Coordinator ...

the beckettsJoin The Roxy and the OSLT this holiday season as we launch our new virtual program [email protected] Ring in the New Year from the comfort of your own home with The Beckett’s New Year’s Eve at the Roxy - 20th Anniversary Celebration. They are sure to get your toes tappin’ with their arrangements of traditional country music ...

sparkin artNever underestimate the power of a spark.

Isolation is hard. It’s hard to meet new people. It’s hard to connect and collaborate. And it’s hard to find a sense of community. Sparkin’ Art can change all ...

CelebrationsCoverA new collection of historic stories by Andrew Armitage and contemporary photographs by John Fearnall featuring Owen Sound has just been published by The Ginger Press. Celebrations! In Owen Sound covers some of the significant events, parades, concerts and holidays that have taken place here.

The earliest story describes the day the governor general came to town in 1874 and the resulting adjustment to the “Niagara of the North” (Inglis Falls) to ensure he saw the falls in action. ...


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