Graeme Bachiu, a filmmaker in southern Ontario. grew up on the west side of Owen Sound and started his career  in high school working for the local community channel.

Bachiu posted this weekend that he's had a few requests over the years for DVD copies of his 2007 documentary Queen's Hotel Blues, which relates queenshotelplaquethe "history and fate of the Queen's Hotel in Owen Sound".  The hotel was demolished in 2006.

He announced that he has recently remastered the documentary and decided to re-release it this December in high definition on Vimeo VOD, an on-demand service.

"Queen's Hotel Blues traces some of the history of the Queen's Hotel, a majestic yellow brick hotel in downtown Owen Sound and portrays the circumstances around its eventual demolition and conversion into a parking lot. It features interviews with a number of individuals related to the hotel, from artists to police officers to politicians and former patrons."

You may have seen the documentary at the Roxy Theatre when it debuted in 2007. Bachiu says he and his team are working on bonus features that he is "pulling from the vault to include in this release."

You can pre-order the documentary here: .

To follow Bachiu's other work, you can join the mailing list for his Windecker Road Films.

More information on the Queen's Hotel here

image and text with permission, Graeme Bachiu





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