Love can mean very different things from one person to another. Some might think Love is defined by a set of emotions and behaviours whereas others may be unable to describe what love is and instead just feel it. Love is one of the most important human emotions, and despite being one of the most studied behaviours, it is still the least understood. What we do know, is that everyone knows Love.

Heritage Place Shopping Centre proudly recognizes June as “Pride Month”. The walls of Heritage Place Shopping Centre are a welcoming space for all. This year, in partnership with the Visual Arts classes of Owen Sound District Secondary School and St. Mary’s High School, we present an art exhibit entitled: “Love is Love”. Students were posed two questions: “What is love to you?” and “What does ‘Love is Love’ mean to you?”. After some critical thinking and peer discussion, students were given the time to express themselves using a variety of media. Building their own canvases and using tiles, each student chose a medium that spoke to them to portray their understanding of love.

With these uniquely deep pieces we have created a safe space of Love and understanding. This collection is a peek into the minds of the younger generation and their differing interpretations of one emotion. It is with this collection we see the change the LBGTQ+ community has made already.

Love is Love Art Exhibit will be on June 6th until June 30th at Heritage Place Shopping Centre. Stop in and see that these students have created.

source: Heritage Place Shopping Centre



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