A birthday cake awaits candles one to ten, each different from the other. One by one, the candles make their entrances. With individual shapes and personalities, each candle must cooperate to make the cake the best that it can be. Getting along with each other can be difficult to do, but the candles all have it in them to see through their differences and respect each other. Will they cooperate and make peace in time to celebrate the child on their birthday?

Lights! Action! You’re On! is a fun and colourful picture book that shows early readers that learning to cooperate with others, instead of thinking only about oneself, leads to respect and happiness for everyone – the greatest gift of all.

​Author Nadia Comeau is a retired elementary school teacher with over thirty years of teaching experience. She lives in Owen Sound, Ontario. Lights! Action! You’re On! is Nadia’s first book. She hopes young readers and parents alike will treat this book with laughter and conversations.

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