Local Artists, Amelia Kraemer and Caroline Tremblay are launching a  community-based artist studio tour in the City of Owen Sound. The Tour provides artists with  the opportunity to showcase their work within four unique neighbourhoods of Owen Sound. 

The neighbourhoods are defined based on public transit routes and include: Core (Downtown),  Brooke, Bayshore and Crosstown. Owen Sound has a vibrant and diverse artist community  with a rich history in supporting the arts.

This large art community includes artisans of every  type: authors, drawers, painters, photographers, sculptors, potters, woodworkers, jewellers,  and everyone in between. The Studio Tour is a means to celebrate these individuals and their  works, as well as broadly promote the City of Owen Sound.  

The Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour (OSCAST) launched their website on March 20,  2023 along with a Facebook and Instagram presence. The website provides details on how to  register for the Tour and will provide maps for the public on where each artist and their studio is  located. The Tour is free to the public and their is a modest registration fee for participating  artists.

During the month of September, each Saturday will feature one of the four Owen Sound  neighbourhoods and the artists that reside within this area. Core will be the first Tour to open  on September 9, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, followed by Brooke, Bayshore and  Crosstown tours on subsequent Saturdays with the last Tour on September 30th.  

Organizing the Tour along neighbourhood boundaries leverages a single public transit route for  each Tour while focusing on and promoting the artists within that location. Each neighbourhood  will be spotlighted on the OSCAST website along with each artist within that location. The Tour  organizers believe this approach will provide artists with the opportunity to network with their  neighbours and fellow artists, while enabling a more cohesive community spirit in support of  the artists and their work. Artists from outside of Owen Sound may also participate by  partnering with a local artist at their Owen Sound location. Students are also welcome and  encouraged to participate. More information about the tour can be found on: 

The Owen Sound Community Artist Studio Tour (OSCAST) facilities the promotion of local  artists and their works of

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