The City of Owen Sound Council has approved a new 2015 Strategic Plan: 2020 Making Our Vision Clear.

Lura Consulting was selected last November to assist the City in the development of a strategic plan, and for the past eight months, City representatives have been asking community members 'what you love about Owen Sound', 'what your vision is for Owen Sound', and to prioritize the City's future.

On July 20, 2015, Council approved the final draft of the City of Owen Sound's 2015 Strategic Plan. "This Strategic Plan is a blueprint that will help guide Owen Sound's decision-making on programs, policies and community investments over the next five years," said Mayor Ian Boddy. "It embodies the long-term vision, mission, and goals of Owen Sound's residents and businesses, which are important to the future development of the City. I am proud of the fact that close to 800 people provided input to this Plan."

The Strategic Plan identifies four primary focus areas, 15 key objectives and 41 identified actions that support the Vision for the City of Owen Sound as 'where you want to live' and the Mission Statement as 'Strengthening our community through sound leadership'.

"The Plan is a living document and will be reviewed on an annual basis. The established benchmarks and progress indicators will help to ensure that we remain on the right path over the next five years," said City Manager Wayne Ritchie. "Council will receive annual report cards showing how the Plan is moving forward."

A copy of the Strategic Plan will be placed at the Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library, in the Clerk's office at City Hall, and on the City's website at


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