In response to his concerns about locking of the 11th St. gate to St George's Park, Mr. Barningham received the following from Pam Coulter, the Director of Community Services: (The gate is currently open.)

Mr. Barningham,

Thank you for taking time to write to me regarding your concerns regarding access to the area of St. George’s Park & Victoria Park.

Based on your letter, I understand that you reside at the “new” Strathcona apartments.

I have visited the 1185 4th Ave East and also spoke with Mr. Barry Kruisselbrink (owner) regarding access for residents of the building to the area of the Labyrinth and food forest and also to the stairs to Victoria Park above the hill. There is a sidewalk along the south building face to the green space in the rear yard to the gazebo. There is a gate with a latch for residents of the Strathcona building to use to access the City Parks. I would encourage you to utilize this direct access from your building to the City green space.

The City has undertaken a capital project to repair a retaining wall at St. George’s along with some fencing work.

There was a stone dust path across the outfield.

This path created a hazard for ball players and often resulted in pedestrians walking across the field during games.

As part of the work at the ball park, the area of the path has been hydro seeded and for pedestrians to continue to access and use the field is problematic. Until the work is complete at the ball field, that portion of the park is closed. There are no bookings of the field at this time until the completion of the capital work late summer.

The retaining wall also requires a railing and until this is complete, we have tried to keep users out of the park for safety reasons.

I understand the desire for pedestrians to walk up 11th Street – and then access the stairs.

It is safest for pedestrians to use the municipal sidewalk and cross 10th Street at a signalized intersection.

If you are traveling from your building to the harbour area – I would encourage you to use the municipal sidewalks and signalized intersections where ever possible.

We will be looking for an alternative route for pedestrians that avoids the ball field going forward.

It will take some time to establish this path again as the area has become overgrown from lack of use.

The public can access the area under agreement with the CMHA where the food forest and labyrinth are located.

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope you enjoy our many parks and open spaces and waterfront areas.

Pam Coulter, Director of Community Services, Owen Sound



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