- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

“Service levels drive the budget...the budget does not drive service levels”, said Owen Sound's Director of Finance Kate Allan at last week's council meeting.

In other words, we decide what we want from our City, elect a council that understands our values, and they will approve a budget to pay for it.

This week that conversation will start. Monday, February 6,  Owen Sound City Council will hold a special meeting starting at 9 am in the council chambers to discuss the 2023 Operating Budget. You can attend, or watch it online, and you can read Ms. Allan's presentation of the draft 2023 operating budget here and the supporting documentation.

On Tuesday, February 7, beginning at 9 am, Capital plans will be presented, in the context of the Five Year Capital Plan approved by the previous council.

The public can always, of course, contact members of council  at any time by email, and attend the only council meeting at which they can ask questions or express views on the budget, on February 27th at 7 pm.  Deputy Mayor Scott Greig pointed out that in his eight years on council, only one single person has attended that public meeting to comment on the City's budget.  He said the public's biggest input into how they want the City to allocate their money was during the election campaign and vote.

source: media releases and council meetings, City of Owen Sound




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