In 2011, the City worked with a Landscape Architect to prepare a Master Plan for Victoria Park.

The plan called for a new concrete skate park and bowl at the Park. 

In 2011, the price of that was estimated at nearly $600,000.  Around this time, the City was also constructing the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre.

As an interim solution, the Plan noted that we could examine re-using the concrete pad from the Coliseum.  This was considered at the time an interim solution.  The following is an excerpt from the Master Plan:

The benefits of a concrete park over a modular park are extensive for both long term costs and user satisfaction, however it is ultimately a matter of funding available. As the funding and planning process for the provision of new skate/bike park facilities may take some time to achieve, one possibility is to re-use the existing concrete pad of the Coliseum ice rink to relocate the modular skate park features from the Getaway Sk8 Board Park. This would provide a suitable location for skateboarders/bikers while future facilities are designed and constructed. The Master Plan for Victoria Park allows for the continuing use of this temporary facility while a more permanent park is constructed in the adjacent space (see Master Plan on page 14), should the funding for this become available.

In May of 2013, the City made a presentation to Kiwanis around a partnership on a future Skate and Bike Park.

The cost of the Park was approximately $230,000 with Kiwanis providing $100,000 and the City $130,000.  This was an economical solution that has served the City and 1000's of children and youth (and a few adults) well.

When the Coliseum was demolished, having the City retain this concrete to be repurposed had an environmental benefit and also reduced the city demolition costs at that time as well.

The Owen Sound Kiwanis Skate and Bike Park opened in 2014. 

We have had almost 10 years of excellent use of this asset.

Last year we started to notice areas where the very smooth concrete that made this an excellent location for a skate and bike park, was starting to deteriorate.  We applied some potential concrete repair solutions that have not been successful. 

Unfortunately, this did not work.  The winter and the temperatures that created many freeze and thaw cycles has exacerbated deterioration. 

We are working on options and plans to repair the concrete.  It is our hope to take a report forward to Community Sservices Commitee in May.

In the interim however, due to the condition and the safety concerns this creates - we have to close this area of the park.

source: Pam Coulter, Director of Community Services, City of Owen Sound




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