The City of Owen Sound is preparing for another busy season of road resurfacing and construction projects set to begin within the next few weeks.

The City services and maintains more than 280 lane kilometres of roadway, approximately 100 kilometres of sidewalks, six municipal parking lots, and various walkways, steps, and paths. 

Each year, millions of dollars are invested in our roads to ensure they are safe for travellers throughout the region.

2023 asphalt resurfacing work includes repairs to existing maintenance holes and catch basins, replacing sections of curbs and sidewalks, subsequently followed by milling and paving of the roadway.

Other 2023 construction projects are also outlined on the City’s website and include culvert replacement, water main construction, and pedestrian walkway rehabilitation.

To complete the work safely, temporary lane closures may be required, and drivers may experience some delays.

While the contractor will have measures in place to ensure safe pedestrian access, please use caution when walking through the construction area.

Work will be performed between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday at the locations listed below:

  • 22nd St W (from 5th Ave W to 7th Ave W)
  • 19th St E (from 9th Ave E to End)
  • 5th Ave W (from 15th St W 16th St W)
  • 8th Ave B E (from 3rd St A E 4th St E)
  • 3rd St A E (from 8th Ave A E 8th Ave B E)
  • 8th Ave E (from 9th St A E to 10th St E)
  • 9th Ave E (from Odawa Driveway to 23rd St E)
  • 6th Ave W (from 18th St W to 19th St W)
  • 2nd Ave E (from 17th St E to 18th St E)
  • 8th Ave W (from Alpha St to 240 m N/W)
  • 3rd Ave W (from 10th St W to 11th St W)
  • 12th St W (from 2nd Ave W to 4th Ave W)
  • 6th Ave W (from 20th St W to 21st St W)
  • 18th St W (from 6th Ave W to 7th Ave W)
  • 17th St E (from 7th Ave E to 8th Ave E)
  • 19th St W (from 4th Ave W to 6th Ave W)
  • 7th Ave W (from 18th St W to 19th St W)
  • 6th Ave W (from 9th St A W to 10th St W)
  • 2nd Ave E (from 6th St E to 7th St E) 


source: media release




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