2022 City Election



- by Jasmine Schnarr

I'd like to invite those who are comfortably housed in Owen Sound, out of their "comfort zones" to join me on a "Walking Tour" of various outdoor "secret spots" your local homeless population seek for shelter or gathering. Come join me, Jasmine Schnarr, this Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon, while your turkeys are roasting in your ovens, and experience what it's like for those with no shelter, family, food or water available to them this Thanksgiving Sunday Oct 9, 2022 starting at 2pm at Owen Sound's City Hall. All ages welcome.

We will be able to "Meet 'n Greet" with persons unsheltered, whom of course we will meet along our "Walking Tour", who can introduce themselves to you and share with you their hourly challenges and struggles, as well their of way of life while left without shelter throughout the Downtown Owen Sound River District.

With Owen Sound's Municipal Election coming up October 14-24, one of the biggest concerns for Owen Sound residents is the stark visibility of an unhoused population seen on their City's streets downtown. The devastating affects of the Pandemic and present economy in Ontario have hugely impacted the costs of housing and food, and combined with the broken, public mental health care system and raging drug epidemic, anyone can quickly find themselves homeless without proper support.

There is presently no overnight shelter in Owen Sound.

What concerns me most is a general sense that residents believe those who are left homeless on their City's streets must be all "dirty druggies" or it's "their own fault" or "their own choice", or "they are bussed here from the cities". They are treated as people who are to be feared, vilified, discriminated against, and even mocked for their misfortune. I would like to help change that attitude for Owen Sound residents, now.

As I suddenly found myself homeless last winter from January to April 2021, living on the streets of downtown Owen Sound and living amongst those who are also homeless, I was forced to leave my own fears and prejudices behind in order to survive. As a result I made deep, caring and vital friendships with many I now call some of my closest friends and allies.

So, I dare you step out of your "comfort zone" this Thanksgiving Sunday and meet me at 2pm at Owen Sound's City Hall and follow me through the downtown core, to key locations and "secret spots" for this City's homeless community and meet those persons, as I did last winter, persons who in fact are just like you and I, but who have been dealt a more difficult and challenging card in life.

At 3 pm we'll meet at the Community Incubator, 279 10th St E. - where there will be an open bathroom, hot coffee, and a half hour of conversation.

Jasmine Schnarr is a candidate for Owen Sound City Council




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