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On Aug.9th, the Osprey community centre was filled with people wanting to become more informed on the plan to close Simcoe County Road 91 and the negative impact this would have for everyone on both sides of the closure.

My phone did not quit ringing for days, both before and after the meeting and I am still getting calls every day, a week after the fact.


We will be going to the polls on Monday October 27, to elect a mayor and councilors for the next four years.

We can choose to continue with our present representatives or we can choose new representatives and encourage new methods and priorities in how our public policy is conducted.

In order to accomplish this we will need to actively encourage new people to contest the election, and provide lots of opportunity for candidates to detail their policies through a number of public debates. We owe it to the people standing for office to participate and ask questions wherever we can.


On Friday August 1st a relatively short letter-to-the-editor appeared in the Owen Sound Sun-Times, entitled "Ontario making good progress with wind energy." In this letter, Brandy Giannetta, the Ontario Regional Director of CANWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association ) quotes the IESO (Independent Systems Operator of Ontario) as follows: "...wind energy as an effective tool in managing the province's electricity system."

bio-smell-regTo all residents of Georgian Bluffs and Chatsworth,

This past Friday evening, friends of ours from southern Ontario rolled up our driveway with their camper. Hoping to begin a stress-free weekend with friends, it took me two seconds to realize this would not be. What better way to be greeted to beautiful Georgian Bluffs than the foul odor wafting from that failed experiment on the sideroad (the bio-digester) that our councils (Georgian Bluffs and Chatsworth) continue to blindly throw our tax dollars at.

cookie-boys-regularJust an update - thanks to all who helped promote the event with coverage this week!

Thanks to the support of local businesses and the community, over $5000 was raised for the Johnson family through the United Way fire fund at cookie and lemonade sales this weekend, through sales and in-person donations.


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