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Some people choose to send their children to Catholic schools because they think there is a better atmosphere for learning there. If all of these students opted out of the religion class, might this then not degrade the better learning atmosphere? Perhaps any religion shoved down your throat is good for you - because it makes you think. Why do we teach children table manners (by - not literally - shoving it down their throats). If we didn't, are we doing them a favour? Even then, there is nothing stopping them from over-eating when first invited to their friend's house for dinner, but will they choose to do so?


A group of councillors from a dozen Ontario municipalities is very disturbed at the rapidly increasing cost of electricity. They are questioning the government's energy policy that was rushed through without adequate analysis or examination, justified by an ideology rather than a comprehensive business case. They point out that our electricity has now become the most expensive in North America, seriously threatening our prosperity. And yet we are subsidizing New York and Michigan because we have to sell much of the wind energy which is available when it cannot be used, at below market prices and less than what it costs us to produce.


We have been bombarded daily these last few weeks with news, opinion pieces and letters-to-the-editor about the global warming, climate change, green energy colossus. Several times I was ready to write in reply, but new events invariably intervened. I could, however, not invent a script in which all the above are as effectively pushed aside as they were by the report which Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyc presented to the Legislature of Ontario on December 9th.



In the past, there has been much public sympathy for the plight of seniors. This has led to various financial support mechanisms that have greatly improved the senior's lot. Now, however, there is more of a move toward public sympathy for the plight of young people. However, assisting young people will require money (as it did and still does in assisting seniors). One obvious source of this required money is our more well off seniors who have been able to accumulate substantial assets, due in part to generous government assistance. Frankly, I am one of those well off seniors although I credit some of that to my abstemious lifestyle - eg never been on a "cruise"!)


In February of 2013 Dean Beeby of the Canadian Press in an article said, "Canadians may be growing weary – even hostile to – all those Economic Action Plan ads the Harper government has been pumping out for the last four years." He also stated "eight polls the Finance Department commissioned between 2009 and 2012 suggest the TV, radio, print and internet ads are starting to fizzle – and annoy some people."


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