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At stake right now is the future of the Old Courthouse/Jail future. The Courthouse will stay. All other structures can be demolished. A Facebook questionnaire asked opinions about various options. I filled it out. However, I live one building away from the jail and am not aware of any attempt to question neighbors.

My main concern is preservation of the historic wall along the north side of the property. I love seeing it from our house. It is an example of early Owen Sound and serves as a visual block for neighbors from whatever happens to the property in the future. The brick governor’s residence and moldy cells must go, but there are also hidden structures inside the wall that might make a tourist destination. I have seen too many of these old stone buildings taken down and left as bare fields.

Is there support for my concern? What is the best way forward? Don’t say contact “the City.” That is too vague for me, and I have failed in the personal approach in the past.

Elizabeth Willmott, Owen Sound

Editor's note: Video, history, images are online and the survey is open until October 26





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