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In an ideal world when a child is born provision should be made and in place for when they need assistance in later life. There could be a fund like Employment Insurance from which the payments would be made.  In this way future generations would not have to shoulder that debt. 

Currently it must be admitted we are not providing the basic care required.  Right now there are zero dollars in the fund (because there isn’t one) but I am sure that Statistics Canada could come up with a figure. 

I would propose that we sell dedicated bonds to fund the deficit and then the ongoing costs that would accumulate each time a child is born.  Example:  The average person will need 10 years of basic care at a cost of $10,000 per year.  They will live an average of 80 years so that is $1,250 dollars to be paid into the fund each year.  We should also remember that when we bring in 300,000 immigrants a year they will also have to be looked after in their later years.

Bill Moses, Owen Sound


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