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Conservation Authorities as they are now constituted are one of Ontario’s greatest lines of defence against flooding and other water related natural disasters. Since 1954, they have worked with Ontario municipalities to steer development away from flood-prone and other hazard lands. The CAs have amassed a large amount of knowledge and expertise in their staff and are organized in such a way as to provide these services efficiently and economically. As such, they are uniquely placed to mitigate the effects of weather-related damage that is expected to become more severe due to climate change

Conservation Authorities also work with municipalities to provide other crucial services such as water monitoring, tree planting and protection of valuable natural water resources. Natural features such as wetlands, groundwater reserves, wooded valleylands and even upland forests provide billions of dollars of ecosystem services to society. The work that CAs do to protect and restore these natural features is vital to maintain the healthy water resources that we all need to live. One simply has to look at the devastation of the 1930’s dustbowl in south-central Ontario from mass forest clearing, or the property damage and extraordinary flooding experienced when Hurricane Hazel hit the province in the early 1950’s to understand how critical this evidence- and science-based work is. History is a powerful teacher.

We in Ontario cannot afford to lose the services provided by this unique institution. They were created by former PC governments of this Province who foresaw the need for environmental protections. Please do not weaken the Conservation Authorities’ abilities to keep Ontario citizens safe from water-related natural disasters, as well as their function as a front line defence against the destruction of natural features such as wetlands and ground water that provide us with abundant and clean drinking water. If there is one single thing that this government can do to make a difference in Ontario’s fight against climate change, keeping, or even strengthening the Conservation Authorities is it.

There Is only about a week left to prevent the current Ontario Government from weakening Conservation Authorities’ powers to protect the citizens of Ontario. Write letters and call the following people today.

Hon. Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks
[email protected] 1-800-565-4923

Bill Walker, MPP, Grey, Bruce and Owen Sound, [email protected] 519 371 2421

Lisa Thompson, MPP, Huron, Bruce, [email protected] 519-396-300

Nikki May
Priceville, Ontario



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