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This is a small town that grows to be a much bigger town in the summer months. And has a small budget. The jewel is and always has been the beach. It is the reason most of us are here. Is there an approved "vision" for the beach? Has it been fleshed out to a master plan? Are there basic objectives (what and when and in what priorities)? It would be a road map for the future.

Current "now" issue is parking safety, safe bike path, dune sand spilling onto road and shoulder - exacerbating the problems. It is becoming a liability issue a "do something now"  situation.  You can't close Lakeshore! You need owner and emergency vehicle access. You can't buy up (expropriate) properties on Lakeshore or 2nd for parking. Alternative solutions are narrowing down quickly.

Why not make Lakeshore one lane between Main and 6th and add bike lanes and pedestrian promenade with drop off points?
Solves parking safety and bike and pedestrian safety and minimizes impact on dunes. All roads and lanes between Lakeshore & 2nd would be right turn only? Put small roundabout at Main and Lakeshore?

What not host a massive all inclusive vision process meeeting? Let's look at big picture. Good decisions must be valid for today, tomorrow, next year, next 5 to 10 years. Then revisit.

Doug Farquhar



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