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I’m curious if anyone else running a business has had so many issues with competitors? It seems as though as soon as Great Lakes Tree Experts
came onto the scene, it’s been non stop.

greatlakestreeexpertsI’m sure you’ve seen some posts about stolen signs, trashed signs, posters being stolen out of stores. I’ve heard of other companies talking negatively about us. I have seen signs put up above ours “We are better than this tree company”- in Kemble. I know of multiple companies who have trashed our signs or thrown them into fields. I have actually seen videos of some companies stealing them. I have talked to people who have informed me that other companies have only poor things to say about us. We have had the owner of another company complain about us stealing business and that we advertise too much. Other companies' employees mouthing off to us as we drive by. We have had other guys constantly slander and make false statements all over social media.

I had no idea the tree industry was so cutthroat. When I step outside, I see a never ending ocean of trees. You would think there was enough business for everyone to stay in their lane and wish nothing but success for their competitors.

We have done just that. We’ve never spoken poorly of another company, never tried to slow anyone down, we have stayed in our lane and pushed on.
Over the past three years it seems some guys have spent far too much time trying to slow us down, when they could have spent that time growing their businesses.

Cheers to the guys who continue to speak poorly of us. We wish nothing but success to you.

Conor Johnston, Great Lakes Tree Experts





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