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publichealth2021To the Editor,

Not everyone agrees with Grey County Council’s letter of support sent to Dr. Arra, as reported in the Sun Times Edition of April 13th, 2021. As tax payers, we don’t support the letter and we believe there are many other non-supporters in this area.

The MOH & the excellent staff at the Health Unit deserve a huge thank you for their work during this pandemic BUT we do not understand how an individual public figure like MOH, Dr. Arra could earn such an exorbitant take home pay. At the same time, the Board of the Health Unit is facing a lawsuit where Dr. Arra’s leadership style is a key issue. The allegations, available to the public, are not pretty.

Furthermore, we support an agenda of ‘disruption’ (as you report in the article). We appreciate learning different sides of a question that this process can bring. In fact, we thought that, thorough examination from all angles of a concern impacting the existing municipal system, was part of a councillor’s job description.

In closing, we hope there will be a Public Health Consultant appointed who will help guide the future management of the Grey Bruce Health Unit. We also hope that Dr. Arra makes a large donation to one of the many community organization’s serving people living in Grey Bruce, who are facing pandemic hardships.

Donna Beatty and Tom Senese
Owen Sound

Board of Health, Grey Bruce Health Unit
Mayor Ian Boddy & Councillors
Grey County Council


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