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This is the text of a letter sent in late April by Peace and Justice Grey Bruce to MP Larry Miller.

No reply has as yet been received.


Dear Mr. Miller

Her name is Delores. Delores Brower. She was 5 foot-three with long brown hair - thirty-three years old the last time she was seen in May, 2004.
Her family has been waiting for 10 years and 11 months.
On April 19 Delores moved from the list of missing Aboriginal women to the very long list of the dead.

Is Delores the one? Is she the woman in whose memory you will ask the Prime Minister to open an inquiry into her missing and murdered sisters?

As members of Peace and Justice Grey-Bruce, we know the numbers. At least one thousand and seventeen - now one thousand and eighteen - Aboriginal women murdered between 1980 and 2012. A homicide rate almost four and a half times higher than that of all other women in Canada.

Every one of these women has a name. Today we are writing on behalf of just one - Delores Dawn Brower. Will you call for a meaningful inquiry now, because you understand that Delores has suffered violence that not one more woman should experience?

We respectfully await your reply at the address below.


Sincerely, on behalf of Peace and Justice Grey Bruce,

Joan Beecroft  Terri Hope  Charlotte Lehmann
Graham Bland  Edward Marchewka  Ann Schneider
Denise Freeman  Michael McLuhan  Danuta Valleau
Robert Hope  Lynn Morgan


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