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Dear Editor,
Last evening over one hundred people gathered at the public library for an event on proportional representation. Peace and Justice Grey Bruce and Fair Vote Canada co sponsored this opportunity to speak to all four political parties on this subject. The Green Party, Liberals and NDP were all there to speak and answer questions. The conservative MP sent his regrets, but was in fact in Ottawa , sitting in the House. I am a Canadian, deeply in love with my country , worried sick that it is disintegrating into some kind of unrecognizable distortion of the just society it once was, controlled by profit driven corporations and the wealthy few who hold all the power. Most Canadians I speak to feel helpless and hopeless to reverse this alarming situation because their vote doesn't count, and nothing changes. Here's the great news: our political parties are not the problem, our archaic voting system is the problem. Proportional representation voting is being adopted in many other countries with astonishing success. Poverty, environmental challenges, human rights are being addressed . We can take our country back. Now is the time to get involved, challenge the politicians , insist on a system that gives us each our voice . Democracy! Vote for the party that will truly keep this promise. It is an incredible privilege to live in freedom and justice. Guard it with all your might. I don't know how each of us should vote, but we can decide wisely, with integrity, to rebuild our precious home.
One hundred concerned citizens, fantastic! That's a good start, now let's go.

Denise Freeman

Owen Sound


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