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Dear Mayor Michi and members of South Bruce Peninsula council:

I listened to the court proceedings for 25 days that started in November 2021 and ended in May 2022.

I heard and saw the presentations of ALL parties involved – the First Nations, all levels of government including the municipal, provincial and federal governments, a large number of professional witnesses from all the parties involved, hundreds and hundreds of documents, maps and pictures that were presented during the trial.

I must give Justice Vella credit for taking the time to consider all arguments and deal with all the issues respectfully. After all the hard work, it is my opinion that if any party even considered appealing Justice Vella’s decision, it would be not only foolish and a waste of time, but another waste of hundreds of thousands and even millions of taxpayers' hard earned dollars, only to have the same outcome.

Instead of spending more years in court, it is time to start spending our energy, time and money building relationships with our neighbors to the benefit of all people.

Ana Vukovic, Town of South Bruce Peninsula


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