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Dear Editor:

It’s so great to see the community come together like this.

Though one thing I will say that I’m super tired of hearing from people, no matter how well intentioned, is the “This isn’t who we are here. This isn’t Owen Sound. This doesn’t happen here….” tropes.

It is, and it does, because it did.

If we don’t, can’t or won’t acknowledge and own that then nothing will change. I could give you a litany of examples of how this is what Owen Sound is from just the few years I’ve been here.

Being better, as individuals and a community takes hard work and I hope this is more than just one more wake up call we put on hold.

I hope we take a long hard look at ourselves and our communities and build a community where this doesn’t happen. That starts with our leaders, elected or otherwise, being held to account. And now is the time. Right now.

Brade Stanton



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