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nawashYou know that times are changing when people seek out the opinion of a First Nation before they do something that might impact Native people.

In this case, the owners of the Junior A hockey team that will make its home in Wiarton next year, decided to ask the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation whether they were OK with naming their team after an old and storied club, the Wiarton Redmen.

They weren't. So the team's owners will not be using the old name.

As the mayor of South Bruce Peninsula, Janice Jackson janicejackson(who brokered the meeting) said, "We're in a time of reconciliation on a national level. I'm glad that we can acknowledge this concern, and have the ability to pick up the phone and communicate with one another."

And that's how reconciliation starts ... by showing respect.


David McLaren




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