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I recently read in the media that 60.000 Ontario families have been cut off from electricity service because they cannot afford the ever rising cost. The added cost of the "green" energy initiatives is 9.2 billions, according to the Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk .

I want to add how little – close to nothing – are we getting from this huge investment.

While writing this note a day ago, on a hot , sunny summer day, I punched "IESO HOME" and found the following electrical power production by different sources in Ontario, in MW (megawatts):

Nuclear: 11, 331

Hydro: 4,159

Gas: 4, 167

Wind: 442

Solar: 225

Biomass 80

So wind and solar are contributing only a negligible amount of the electrical energy at the time we need it most. On the average, we get some 500 MW of intermittent and therefore almost useless wind energy of the installed capacity of over 3000 MW.

On the rare occasions when the wind blows fully we might get some 2000 MW over a few hours – mostly just destabilizing the power grid which has to follow the politically correct "green" energy.

I have urged the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne repeatedly to look into the above (by her own government) hourly reports every day, every hour, and see the reality of her naive and costly decisions based on the misleading wind and solar industry propaganda.

She and her energy ministers remind me of the the church officials 401 years ago who refused to look into Galileo's telescope. ­and see the proof that the earth is not the centre of the universe. It took the catholic establishment almost 400 years to apologize for Galileo's suffering and the damage done to the science.

The good news is that we we can get rid of Ms. Wynne liberal government in only 2 years – before they do more serious damage to the Ontario economy.

Maks Zupan P. Eng.

Owen Sound


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