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This Sunday, September 24th Grey County invites everyone to come to Grey Roots and Moreston Village to "celebrate" Irish (Celtic) culture, referred to as Pratie Oaten.

However their website makes no mention of the fact that this "Irish Festival" will be held under the shadow of a building owned , built and operated by an organisation which has, for centuries, been opposite to anything Irish. In factt heir whole reason for existence is to destroy the native Irish Culture . I am, of course, referring to the Loyal Orange Order and it's Orange Hall which was recently opened at this very Moreston Village site at the Grey Roots Museum & Archives, owned by Grey County taxpayers.  Grey County's announcement of this event doesn't even invite you to visit this Orange Hall which they are so proud of.

Over the past months and years I have heard and read on local radio and press, many so called experts, including some politicians past and present, a lot of nonsense of the cultural significance of the Orange Order in Grey County and how it isn't like it was 100 years ago.
However, I believe the undertones of the Orange Founders are still present, and Grey Roots should be telling the Whole Story.

Jim Cummings

Owen Sound


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