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- by Melanie Knapp
What a feeling of inspiration! This Fall season brings a P.E.A.C.E.(Peer Empowerment Advocacy Community Engagement) Team Blog created by members of Community Connections to audiences across the Internet. The creators of the Peace Blog are part of a leadership peer group called Ambassadors who work hard to represent and assist a greater number of people involved in mental health in Owen Sound and Grey Bruce.
This blog has amazing content and an optimistic message! These Ambassadors share some of their expressive creative endeavors - from photography to poetry and much much more! The supportive Ambassadors consist of Gavan Menzies, Chirstina Beirnes, Kent Hewton, Jamie Morris, Rob Appleby, Catherine Pollinton and Melanie Knapp.
Gavan Menzies is the lead Ambassador in this 'blog project'. It's been hard for him to work the long hours to get the design going, but seeing reactions from people at the blog launch made the hard work worth it. People are truly impressed!
The blog has a teal welcome page portraying a picture of the friendly Ambassadors. Gavan sees the blog as a place people can turn to, to be inspired on so many levels. First there is the fact that people concerned with their mental health put it together. Second it's all volunteer. Third the level of artistic contribution is totally excellent. Finally it has been put together in a way that flows and is easy to maneuver around. There are many levels of inspiration!
Melanie Knapp is an ambassador and contributor. She enjoys having a special place to display her writing. She feels that it is pretty neat to be part of a team that is reaching out to people. She feels there is sympathy, humor, wisdom and entertainment all encompassed in the blog.
Gavan Menzies sends his thanks out to his fellow P.E.A.C.E. team members and their kind comments which make it all worthwhile. He also thanks his good friend Justin Burgess who helps him relax when needed. Thanks to the Community Connections organization which supports the idea of the blog and especially Heather Murray and Angela Boynton. These two went the extra mile in helping the project get off the ground.
Peer support is something that is happening more and more with mental health. There is a new theme being used in mental health called 'recovery'. Clients and patients are participating more and more in their own mental health journey. This blog is an example of some people who are making the most of the good times and helping each other through the rough waters. They want others to get the chance to find their own ways of healing. They are optimistic that reaching out could inspire many!
Checkout their blog at: www.peaceteamblog.com


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