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A matter has irked and vexed me for some time.
Here we have a port town, with a good harbour. With TWO marinas, jammed against one another. Plenty of people.
And no formal sailing school of any sort.
I was lucky enough to find a private individual who was willing to teach me what he knows. I am learning a great deal. But I'm not going to be receiving any sort of certificate out of it.
There are lessons on Meaford, for children under 16.
Nothing for adults however.
Why must Owen Sounders go to Barrie, Hamilton, Toronto, etc, to take courses for a sailing certification?
The absurdity of the situation is beyond comprehension.
I can just manage the cost of classes. But commuting back and forth is simply not possible. Like many people, I do not have a car. So it's the bus to whichever city is hosting the class. But then there is the hotel room as well. Plus cab fares.
And this is every week for 3 months.
The cost is simply too much. Easily 3000 dollars in bus fare, cab fare, and hotel room... to take a 150 to 200 dollar course.

Dan Laurier Beaulieu

Owen Sound



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