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Dear Editor

Recent enhancements to the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market enrich our community. As part of the Downtown River Precinct Initiative, this project was an important priority in the Harbour and Downtown Urban Design Strategy.

Saturday morning at the market (when I’m in town) has always been a ritual for me. I am a vocal and shameless promoter of the quality of the wares at our market. Some of the best area producers arise very early each week to bring their fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, baked goods, tabbouleh, eggs, coffee and more and alongside talented craftspeople showcasing their diverse treasures and practical items, serve appreciative customers.

The redesign of the market space has created an environment that is consistent with the quality of the goods available there. The positive buzz that has always been at Saturday Market, has been turned up by several decibels.

As a result of thoughtful planning, the market was able to remain open throughout all of the renovations. Watching the progress weekly added to the excitement for the big reveal upon completion and also helped with the transition to some new ways of doing things at the market and expanded uses for the facility.

And even with the 10th Street Bridge closure, more good planning has meant that getting to the Market is not the challenge we might have anticipated with new traffic patterns.

Kudos to Owen Sound City Council for their leadership and vision in this ambitious undertaking, and to city staff for their excellent planning in pulling together a great community improvement project.

Mary Anne Alton
Owen Sound



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